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Short review on Airy-the best Mac Youtube Downloader

How to Download Videos From Youtube
Source: Youtube.com

The invention and the introduction of airy have been a great tool before the modern man. It has largely helped people in carrying out the work in a much easier manner. On the other side, Airy is said to be an affordable YouTube downloader that is available for both Windows and Mac. It allows the user to download the videos in MP4, 3GP and various other video formats. Airy also supports audio downloads in MP3. The most amazing thing about Airy is that apart from supporting audio and video formats Airy also supports YouTube Playlists to a good extent. Simply by entering the playlist, the user can select all the videos to download. Even the whole channel can be added to the downloader. 

Get start with Airy:

The first and foremost important thing that must be done by the user is to select the version of Airy that they intend to download. It is available for both Windows and Mac. Just at the time of the installation process, the user will be reminded about the copyright issues if any. The Airy downloaders allow the users to download the same without any extra charge. The users will also get 24 hours to test the same.

It is felt that it is sufficient time to check the matter whether it is fitted with the system or requirement. If the user has somehow not entered the valid license key then Airy will not be valid after 24 hours. 

Video downloading with Airy:

One of the key features of Airy is that it is very simple and easy for users. This allows more and more people to use it easily. It will simply ask for the YouTube URL and then the user can click on the videos to download it. 

Airy may default to the higher resolution and the frame rate so the users can download all the videos in the resolutions and frame rates that are only offered by YouTube. The user can also choose to download MP3 audio files for the video. However, the user must be sure about the folder that they want to download the videos.

In due course of time, the user can also see the progress of the downloading process. It will exactly show how much has been downloaded and how much time will be required to finish the rest of the downloaded file. There are no such restrictions on downloading the total number of files. The user is free to download as many files as required. The user has to just copy and paste the link of the URL and then click on the download button. The rest of the work will be done automatically. 

View of the option area:

At the left part is a small options menu from where the user can change the default language of the software. The user can also select and save the folders that they want. The options area is also linked to the browser extension

Bottom lines:

In short, Airy is doing a great job by allowing thousands of users to carry out hassle-free downloading process.