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Opera Web Browser new privacy settings

Opera Web Browser new privacy settings

The new version of Opera web browser offers a credible proposal to those who want innovative features for privacy control. We understand what Opera is, and what benefits it can bring to today’s user.

For those not familiar with it Opera is an internet browser born in Norway, to understand an alternative to Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox. Many people once they have a search engine installed, use that for life, and they don’t even consider alternatives. In reality browsers like Opera are very similar, but also very different from those we usually use. The technology behind the two search engines is similar, but the features are not identical. If we try to open the Opera browser, we will realize that there is also an aesthetic difference. We are talking about what appears on the screen, the graphics, which is a primary element in a search engine. In fact, the purpose of the search engine is precisely to show us graphically, that is, to show us, the thousands of information on the internet.

Unlike many paid competitors, Opera is completely free. Many years ago he had a banner advertising policy. But these have been eliminated since 2005. This browser has also introduced some new features that have also been used by others. For example, it was the first browser that made it possible to browse multiple sites simultaneously, thanks to MDI technology. Today Opera is available worldwide and in 44 different languages.

The user who chooses Opera today is offered many features, and many possibilities for customization. Thanks to the skins you can have the browser with the graphics we prefer, and you can also use custom buttons. If we are not inexperienced users we can take advantage of Opera’s advanced features. For example, disable some data-consuming and time-consuming options, which are generally set by default. One of these allows you to disable the graphic elements of the pages, leaving only the texts. With Opera it is possible to modify the HTML code of a page, and thanks to a debugger it is possible to analyze the characteristics of the various elements present. It also offers an e-mail client, where we can register 5 different addresses.

The latest version of the Opera browser, the 64, has made many improvements on the subject of privacy. This is very important to users, as it makes it safer and improves the web experience. The new version includes a very important tool: the tracker blocker. This is when we visit a page, it prevents us from tracking our online activities. In practice this will ensure that we will be less visible online than we are with other search engines.

Another new feature, which will be very convenient, is the page snapshot. This allows you to take a snapshot of the website, directly from the browser, and you can save it in pdf. The screenshot can be of the entire page, or just a detail. Furthermore you can change the screen with various options, such as blurring, drawing or adding text.

As we have already said, the Opera browser is completely free. Anyone wishing to try this alternative to Chrome, can download it directly from the official site of Opera. At the moment, 2.5% of Internet users worldwide browse with Opera. Often this browser has proposed options often aimed at specific groups of users, such as those using cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the issue of privacy and security concerns all those who usually surf the Internet. And using a navigation tool that places privacy among its priorities can be a great choice.