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10 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone without Being Detected


We are living in the most modern time in the world. This planet has not seen so much development as we have witnessed in recent years. AI and big data are about to change the world. We have electric cars and the world is ready for the next technology news. But people still have some issues despite so much advancement and progress.

One of the key issues people face now is how to spy on other devices. In the past, many options were available but they have become null and avoid now. The reason is the commitment of the companies and phone makers to protect the data and provide users with safer devices. They now introduce better software and apps. However, there is still a way which anyone can use to track android devices.

We have created a list of the possible options that anyone can find very helpful when it comes to tracking android devices remotely. All you need is to have a good spy app and install it on the target phone. It will hack the android phone and let you get access to the data and all the information over there. Let us find out more about this.

The Need for Tracking Devices

Before we talk about the possible options, one question remains to be answered. Many people wonder why they need to track devices and phones in this time and age. They have a genuine problem and we have a solution for this. In this time, the tracking has become a need for various reasons. Due to data breaches, security issues and the wide use of social media- many people want to track their children and employees.


The first possible common use of spy apps can be found among the parents who are concerned about the safety of their children and want to protect them online. It is the duty of every father and mother that they keep eyes on their kids and know what they do online. It is the only way they can improve online safety of their children.


The other use comes for employers who have small and large scale businesses. Employers are also worried about the data security and any attack can lead to financial losses, bad reputation as well as customer loss. Things will get worse with this. So they look for a spy app to use in order to track the workers and staff.


Apart from the parents and employers, there are some individual users who also need tracking tools so that they can spy on others. For such people, the apps are also effective and provide them with a bundle of features that are really good when it comes to tracking android devices.

Possible Options for Android Tracking

After talking about the needs, we will be discussing how anyone can track an android phone in multiple ways. Some of the options are listed below which can provide great support.

  • Use Call Recorder

The first option is to use a call recorder feature. This option comes in very handy when it comes to tracking phone calls on Android devices. With this feature, parents and other users can intercept live calls and record them for later use. It will provide evidence-based data.

  • Use Location Tracker

Coming to other options, now we have the GPS location tracker. This feature is really advanced and provides the users with a reliable option to track an android phone within minute. It will let the users track the live locations and check the weekly location history as well.

  • Use Screen Recorder

Many spy apps come with this advanced feature called as the screen recorder. It is an innovative idea which has been launched in order to provide users with the best option to track any android phone. Anyone can get this feature with a spy app and start tracking the target android phones remotely.

  • Use Keylogger

There are a good number of ideas and options for tracking android phones. Keylogger is one of these features. This option works on the idea of tracking the use of the keyboard. Like when someone types anything, this feature will detect it and show the complete message which makes some sense as well.

  • Use Internet History Tracker

Users also have many other options. One of these features is the option to track the internet history. This option is really amazing and allows the users to keep eyes on the internet history of the target android devices. Users will be able to view everything.

  • Monitor Social Media

The use of social media on any phone can be tracked with the help of this method. Many spy apps come with the social media tracker which lets users get access to the social media and dating apps on the target phones and check what they are doing as well as see their chats and messages.

  • Check Multimedia and Files

When it comes to other options, using the tracker to check images and files on the target phones is a great option. With this option, the users can view the photos and other media files stored on the target devices.

  • Spy on Passwords 

Users can also spy on the passwords on the target phone. Whenever they want to know the password and lock patterns, they can use the password chaser which will help them in this regard.

  • Track Phone Usage

Here comes another great idea when it comes to tracking android devices and phones. This option is really helpful to know the phone usage, check the apps installed, spy on the phone history and other uses.

  • Capture Phone Screen

Lastly, the users have a great option to track the target android devices. This option is called capturing the screen of the target phone. They will be able to view everything on the target device when the app captures the screen.